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Ann Giardina Hess
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For over 25 years, the Law Firm of Ann Giardina Hess has practiced Family and Matrimonial Law, which encompasses divorce and separation (through litigation, mediation or collaboration); pre and post nuptial agreements; custody visitation and paternity; maintenance (spousal support) and child support; adoption relocation, domestic violence and family offenses; annulments; grandparental and third party rights, and same sex marital partnership, custody issues, and securing QDROs and other Retirement benefits. Notwithstanding this concentration, Hess also handles traffic violations, real estates, wills, powers of attorney, business and other general practice matters. 

In contrast to the traditional litigated divorce process, Hess also offers Mediation of Divorce/Separation and Family Law issues in which the process involves the mediator facilitating the parties reaching their own agreement, which then becomes the terms of the Divorce/Separation or Settlement of the legal matter. Hess is also involved in a new divorce procedure in Western New York, called Collaborative Divorce, which involves the need for each party to have his or her own divorce attorney but avoids traditional Court involvement. Mediation service and collaboration can be more efficient and less stressful for clients and their families. 

The relationship that Hess builds with her clients is based upon trust, communication and education as to New York State Law. These are the necessary foundations to effectively solve the client's situation and achieve the client's goals. From the very first consultation, Ann Hess ensures that her clients have realistic expectations, in light of each client's unique circumstances. 

"Choosing an attorney is much like choosing a spouse," says Ann Giardina Hess. "The right chemistry is important, in order for the relationship to be successful. 

"There are facets of the legal system that are overwhelming and misunderstood. It is my job to combine the facts of a client's situation with my experience and knowledge of the law and procedures and convey that important information to my client in a way that makes sense. I am a very direct person and take the time to educate the client to the realities of his or her situation. I tell the client the truth, which may or may not necessarily be what he or she wants to hear," says Attorney Hess. "At the very first contact, potential clients know exactly what I'm made of, and they can tell whether or not the mix will work for them." 

It is imperative to the result of any case that all parties are on the same page. With that in mind, Attorney Hess works hard to focus on actions and results while also being compassionate and accessible. Not only does she work for her clients, but also, she works with her clients. "At the very first consultation I map out a strategy, with the client's input and approval, so that he or she knows what we are aiming toward and how we will get there. In my firm, I build long-lasting relationships with my clients. We work together toward a common goal, and at the end of the day, I go home to my family knowing that I helped my clients get through a very difficult time in his/her life." 

"In my practice, I help my clients get through experiences that often cause as much turmoil and upheaval in their lives as a death." 

"A critical aspect of my practice is also my caring and accessible staff of professionals, who have earned my respect in their adaptability and humanity in dealing with the myriad of problems which arise in divorce and family law situations. However, when a client retains me, the client deals with me and not someone filling in for me," stresses Hess. 

Hess's clients receive diligent and comprehensive updating on the progress of their cases; telephone calls are returned in short order; and at the end of his or her first meeting with Hess, the client knows what the immediate plan of action is. Furthermore, throughout the case and up to the very end, the client receives a history of what occurred and what work was done on his or her case on a monthly basis and receives a duplicate copy of all pleadings, correspondence and relevant paperwork.
Ann Giardina Hess is a tough, hardworking litigator with a wealth of experience in Matrimonial and Family Law and general practice. Her personalized approach makes her accessible, compassionate and driven to her client's goals. Her more than 25 years of practice concentrating in the areas of Family Law and Matrimonial Litigation have exposed Hess to almost every conceivable family situation that could arise. However, attorney Hess also offers compassionate, accessible and professional Mediation of Divorce and all aspects of Family Law. Hess's additional expertise in matters ranging from traffic violations to real estate, wills, powers of attorney, and contract law has prepared her for almost anything. 

Ann Hess is a firm believer in ongoing education and has participated in continuing Legal Education long before it was required for New York State attorneys. She states, "Because I keep up on new developments in the law and work hard at doing so, I believe I offer my clients an expertise and professionalism second to none." 

A lifelong resident of Western New York, she attributes her successes, professionally and personally, to her parents. "It was they," she says, "who inspired my strong work ethic and perseverance which I have endeavored to pass on to my three daughters, who are successful in their chosen professions, and who are also caring human beings, spouses and mothers." 

"Although I've been personally blessed," Hess adds, "with a wonderful husband of several years, and a loving family, I fully understand the difficulties impacting today's family relationships, and I'm sensitive to the complex issues with which my clients are dealing."

Call us today for more information at (716) 251-0010. Ann Hess will personally return your call.
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